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How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you…. #quotes

Don’t change the truth just to suite somebody’s taste, it may lose itself. If they really want the truth, they will take it as it is…
Sometimes people don’t know how good they have it…until they no longer have it humble yourself.
What you do not confront… You can not fix…


The truth is rarely pure and never simple… Being Mary Jane Quote
Be amazing….
Don’t take the person who loves you for granted
Hidden truths are unspoken lies….
Surround yourself around positive people
Every thought we think is creating our future… #louisehay
When crying is easy… I should be smiling when god has been so good to me.. #KMichelle Quote
Your eyes always say what your mouth want say…
If you lucky enough to get a second chance don’t waste it…
Take your life and career adjust your surroundings… So you can sleep at night; and be in more of a spiritual and mental space of peace. You can’t have and opportunity to dream; an dream big when most of what you experience when you go to sleep is nightmares, because of the things you are involved with while you are awake. If your life is a nightmare while you awake… Those nightmares gonna continue into your sleep. - Tyrese

Tyrese Gibson

Love means to commit yourself without guarantee….